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Misadventure is an illustrated novel in PDF format with homoerotic BD/SM themes. It follows the narrative of a young man whose boring go-nowhere life is thrown sideways into a world he couldn’t have imagined. A minor transgression lands him in the control of nefarious and manipulative forces and extreme tests of physical, mental and sexual endurance.

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Plot Synopsis

In the near future, a fascist dictatorship has risen to power on a wave of public fervor. A draconian penal system is imposed in which ‘fighting age’ civilian males are subject to arbitrary arrest, no-trial conviction and harsh punishment by a brutally sadistic military regime. In this New World Order, archaic institutions like public humiliation, torture, slavery and gruesome public executions are enthusiastically revived. With the support and enjoyment of a rowdy populace, young lower-class men are rounded up, subjugated and condemned to be victims of the military apparatus and its punitive aggression.

The narrative follows a wayward teenager whose journey takes him far from his trailer park origins to exotic worlds with intriguing characters who menace, dominate and exploit his youth and vigor. He’s repeatedly challenged by escalating tests of his physical, mental and sexual endurance. To survive, he’ll need to call up all his strength of mind and body. 

Get Chapter 1 for free at gumroad.com/misadventure

or read it right now.


As supporting components of the artistic intent of its author, this graphic novel contains illustrated scenes depicting nudity, gore, violence, abuse, sadomasochism, and explicit homoerotic sexual content including dramatized scenes of non-consensual sex, assault and rape. If for any reason you feel the content of this book is or could be objectionable, traumatic, inappropriate or offensive to you, you should not purchase or read this book. If you are a minor or under the legal age to read or view adult materials under the jurisdiction you are located, you may not purchase or read this book. By purchasing or continuing to read this document, you confirm that you are of a legal age to view graphically explicit adult content and that such material is permitted under the jurisdiction of your location. If you choose to read beyond this point, you confirm that you understand this disclaimer and proceed at your own risk of offense, or enjoyment. 

The characters and settings in this graphic novel are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual settings or persons living or dead is coincidental and unintentional. The illustrated characters herein are consenting adults and of legal age to participate in the situations described, whether explicitly depicted or inferred. 

The author would like to emphasize that this is a fantasy: the actions, attitudes, and behavior of the characters is not real nor based in any intent toward realization involving any real people. Actual real life behavior should be respectful, healthy, supportive and safe, even as it engages the ideas and role playing that might have its source in such fantasies. Let them play out in real world environments of safety, respect and enjoyment.

Misadventure, A graphic novel. Art, script & edits: (c)2015-2023 Max Gregory.